White Rabbit Fusion Cafe

Oishi Media recap of White Rabbit Café
November 28, 2010

Today was the closing of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. As generic as it should be, something different was in the air. I think to myself, AWWWWW tonight’s the long awaited grand opening of the White Rabbit Café in Canoga Park, CA. We’re so excited to check it out.

Just as I expected, the line reached lengths of astonishment. Driving by you can see the line wrap along the side of the parking lot with loyal followers, supporters and the curious hungry bystanders.
Seeing the mixture of people in the crowd showed the impact WRT makes on a large scale. People would gather from near and far to feed their White Rabbit fix, or to sample it for the first time and verify if they live up to it’s expectations. In the end, the hype justified.

Like a drug, their “Sisig Burrito” and “White Chocolate Champorado” is highly addictive. This can explain the long lines. A taste makes you want more, and makes you dream about the next thing to try on the menu. Everything is tasteful, sinful and highly addictive!

While waiting in line, a barrage of different elements hit your senses as your eyes, ears, and nose are teased with the aroma of Filipino Fusion awesomeness, the site of customers devouring their orders, and the sounds provided by Dj JKino.

As the night went on, more attractions became available. One can head to the photo booth (courtesy of mugshots) and take pictures with family and friends to remember this momentous occasion. Also a breakdance showcase by B-boy Starskee (of OISHI Media).

At the end of the night Rhythm Natives rocked the crowd with tracks from their newly released self-titled album, “Rhythm Natives”.

As they performed, I looked around felt the vibe that everyone was genuinely enjoying themselves. The heads of all HipHop fans bobbed, as well as Lola’s, Lolo’s, aunts, and uncles, etc.
I’ve watched Rhythm Natives perform so many times before, and like many shows prior, have rocked it immensely. They feed off of the crowd participation, and give you no choice but to fall in love with what they do. From every pluck of Martin’s guitar and Chooboy’s bass strings, to the Rhythmic beat of Boj’s drums. From every key stroke from Chezzy-Chez, to every verse that Exaktoh and Kreative Thought drops, I hear, and feel the passion and love from their music.

So if you weren’t at the grand opening, pay our friends at White Rabbit Café a visit in Canoga Park. You might ask, “Does the food at the café and the truck taste different?” the answer is NO! It’s just as fantastic. So try it already!

And don’t forget to tell them you heard about it from your buddies @ OISHI Media.


















Diah Ladores
Oishi Media

White Rabbit Café

Rhythm Natives

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